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A Nineteenth Century Visitor

Cowboy Hay would like to come to your school, church or organization and tell of the adventures he experienced. He’s talked to hundreds of schools in California. Cowboy Hay does his “Living History” presentation in character, telling of the lives and times of the people and their search for gold. Music, stories and humor are a big part of the program, incorporating many musical instruments of the time. To help see, hear and feel what it was like in those exciting times, he sets up a mining camp. It’s great for kids of all ages.

Cowboy Hay divides his time between the East Coast and the West Coast. He is available to perform for period music classes, parties, festivals, clubs, saloons and fairs. He is also a member of two reenactment bands, Coloma Celtic and Coyote Hill, which play music of the gold rush and old Celtic Irish music.

For more information—or just to talk and find out more about what he does—call 530-306-2002 or email Cowboy Hay.Thanks for dropping in and finding out about Cowboy Hay. See you on the trail.